La Raison de la musique

How to reserve a room: 

Click for desired room and time.  You are able to extend your reservation by adjusting the duration. If you wish to come regularly at a certain time, click "Repeat" and select the ending date.

The pictures of rooms can be seen: Here

Uprights: A - G & Grand Pianos: M - W
For Singers: C / E / G (complete soundproof) & U / V (half soundproof)
For Brass&Woodwind Instrumentalists: C / E / G / U / V

  • Bookings of more than 1 person will be charged in addition € 2 per hour and per Person for upright pianos and € 3 per hour and per Person for grand pianos before entering the room
  • For the Flatrate (no time limit usage), please come directly to us!  

⚠️ Please wear a mask when entering.  
⚠️ Due to SARS Covid-19, lessons cannot take place in Upright rooms (A - G) & Grand rooms (M - N) currently unless you are living in the same household.
⚠️ Lessons can be only held in Room U, V and W